The Bender for all your bending needs.

Need a quick easy bending machine that can bend RHS, Pipe, Flat Steel and Rebar? Look no further than the Bulldozer Bender. An electric or petrol driven hydraulically operated steel bender. A tried-and-tested design, Its sturdy construction and powered coated finish make it incredibly durable for even the toughest bending jobs. It has been in production in New Zealand for 30 years with over 3000 units sold worldwide.

The Bulldozer Bender is simple and easy to use. Requires minimal training and comes in a range of different options to suite your bending needs.

It also has a large range of attachements for different bending requirements. Need to bend pipe or RHS, Easy!

The Bender comes with a flat and round bending die with a capacity which is only limited by the width of the jaw on the die.

Got a special bending request? No problem, reach out to us and make a request.

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